• "Happy Hand Cleaner is some amazing stuff! It is very effective at removing caked on concrete from my skin. I love it!"
    - Chandler K. - Concrete Truck Driver. Calgary, Canada.

  • I generally avoid using hand cleaners like GOJO because of their uncomfortable gritty feel. But Happy Hand Cleaner works amazing and leaves my hands feeling smooth!
    - Patrick L. Carpenter -  Okotoks, AB


  • I am Richard, a customer of Happy Hand products. Your hand cleaner saved my hands. My hands were crippled from working with oil and other lubricants in heavy duty mechanics. I used inexpensive hand cleaners which cleaned my hands but eventually my hands began to crack and hurt. I added hand creams every day but nothing improved. I was in such pain, my hands sore and cracked, so I had to take days off work. Decided to try  Happy Hand product. 1 week later 30% better!! 2 weeks later 99% better!!!                                                          - Richard -  Calgary, AB