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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Happy Hand Top 7 Most Common Questions

1) What makes Happy Hand so different other hand cleaners?

2) Are your products ‘Waterless’?

3) What is the correct amount of hand cleaner to use?

4) What are the core ingredients of your products?

5) What kind of abrasive do you use in place of pumice?

6) I have a nut allergy or sensitivity and I'm concerned about using your products that have Botanical Grit. What alternative do you suggest?

7) What size container should I buy?

All Other Frequently Asked Questions

What types of grease and grime are your products best at removing?

What are the specific products that you offer?

Do your products contain petroleum products?

Does Happy Hand Cleaner sterilize my hands?

Will Happy Hands dry out my hands?

Why are your products so much more expensive compared to GOJO and Fast Orange?

Where do you ship to?

How long does it take to receive my order?

My jar/bucket of Hand Hand Classic has dried out. What should I do?

My jar/bucket of Hand Hand Classic has separated. What should I do?

Do your products neutralize smells?

Are your products non-scented? I ask because I have sensitivities to scented products.

I'm interested in carrying your product in my store. Do you offer any bulk discounts for large buyers or distributors?